Kgm Staff

Kevin G. McCarthy (Owner)

General Expertise Kevin McCarthy has over 45 years of experience in the construction industry. He spent the early years of his career as a union carpenter and still is a union carpenter. This experience lead to the owning of K.G.M., Inc. With abundant levels of retail, restaurant, hospitality and commercial construction experience, Kevin is active in all facets of K.G.M. Inc.


With a vigorous commitment to customer services, Kevin oversees the day-to-day operation with hands-on involvement regarding client relations and project management. He also oversees the day-to-day field operations visiting the various projects to review progress and to provide support for the field superintendents and project managers.


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Pennie M Kroush Klucina (Project Mgr.)

General Expertise Pennie has been with K.G.M., Inc. for almost 25 years and provides a high level of customer service to our clients. Pennie started as an Administrative Assistant and has advanced to being a Project Manager with involvement leading many key project details.


As Project Manager of K.G.M., Pennie schedules the project in logical steps and budgets time required to meet deadlines including estimating labor requirements. Pennie inspects and reviews projects to monitor compliance with building and safety codes and other regulations. Pennie also manages the bidding process, prepares contracts and negotiates revisions including contractual agreements with Architects, consultants, clients, suppliers and subcontractors.


John Ford

General Expertise John Ford


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